Beagle Health

Any animal owned as a pet or that undertakes sport or work will have health needs and considerations. Beagles have some general health considerations to maintain during their life.

The most common health maintenance issues with Beagles relate to their eyes and ears. They can have a condition known as “dry eye” which is a relatively slow production of tears which can require the application of eye drops. Beagles can also get a condition called “cherry eye” which occurs when a gland around their eye pops out from under their eyelid. This can be corrected with surgery and neither condition is life threatening.

As with any soft-eared breed, their ears need regular care. The ear canal on any soft-eared dog is like a little greenhouse and can be a haven for bacteria and yeast infections. A regular cleaning is important to keep the ear canal dry and healthy.

Like all mammals Beagles are susceptible to mammalian diseases and conditions such as epilepsy and cancer which can occur in later life.