Beagles Over The World

Beagles Over the World, or BOW-WOW! is an annual event held across the globe to celebrate the beagle breed. On the one weekend, beagles and their owners get out and do a range of activities with their beagles, from walking to playing on the beach, to having fun in their local dog park.

BOW-WOW! evolved from the Beagles Across Australia event that was held for several years, where hundreds of beagles around Australia got out and did what beagles do best. The event lead to world records and interest from beagle owners around the world wanting to be part of the event. Beagles Over the World was born.

In 2020, BOW-WOW! has been cancelled due to COVID-19 but it will be back in force again in 2021.

Visit the BOW-WOW! web site for stories and photos from past events and the details of upcoming BOW-WOW! activities.