Getting a Beagle

Beagles are excellent family pets, are very tolerant to young children and will play with kids for as long as the kids want to play. In fact, Dr. Harry Cooper rates the Beagle highly as a family pet and a breed that is well-suited to young children. As the Beagle is a pack animal, their nature makes them an idea pet for a family. Your Beagle will basically do whatever you are doing. If you are out and about, walking, exercising or working, your Beagle will be right beside you. If you are sitting back and relaxing, your Beagle will often be found curled up under your chair, or on your lap.

All breeds have certain needs to ensure they will suit their home and the Beagle is no exception. It is important that before you get a Beagle you are aware of their needs and that these needs can be met. 

Make sure you read the information in this web site so you have a clear understanding of the needs of the breed and what to expect from owning a beagle.