Outstanding Contribution Award

The National Beagle Council (Australia) Outstanding Contribution Award is a new award to those in Australia who have made a significant contribution to beagles in this country. The National Beagle Council (Australia) recognizes there are many people to have dedicated a significant proportion to their lives to better or support the breed in Australia. This award recognizes their dedication.

The first recipients of the National Beagle Council (Australia) Outstanding Contribution Award will be presented in 2021.

The Outstanding Contribution Award recognizes efforts made in the areas of :

  • Education. The individual has made substantial contributions towards the education of individuals in aspects of the breed. These contributions may include but not be limited to:
    • supporting the development of breed judges through lectures, development and delivery of support material and through hands-on judges training;
    • conducting presentations, lectures or seminars in various aspects of the breed to the public;
    • maintaining an availability to the public in providing information on all aspects of the breed;
    • undertaking the development of materials for providing information about the breed to the public, trainee judges and Beagle owners; and/or
    • supporting other breeders by providing information and guidance in developing the breed, in maintaining a sound breeding program, and in maintaining the integrity of the breed.
  • Development. Without the dedication of individuals in developing the breed, the Beagle standard across Australia would be compromised. This category recognizes the contribution of breeders in not only maintaining the standard of the breed but ensuring the integrity and health of the Beagle in Australia is a priority. This category does not focus solely on the success of the breeder in the show ring, nor does it look at the number of litters produced by the individual. It is to identify how the person has supported the development of the breed, not just within their own kennels but through dedicated support to other breeders.
  • Welfare. The welfare of the Beagle should be … Service to the welfare of the breed can take many forms and may include (but not limited to):
    • fostering Beagles for rehoming;
    • supporting or conducting a Beagle rescue or rehoming service;
    • administering or managing Beagle welfare organizations or services; and/or
    • administering or managing fundraising activities for supporting the welfare of the breed.
  • Promotion. Promoting the Beagle breed enables members of the public to gain valuable information, insight and access to the breed. Significant contributions to the promotion of the breed may include (but not be limited to):
    • organizing and actively supporting breed displays and expos;
    • organizing, or actively supporting Beagle walks in public locations;
    • working with state canine control bodies to promote the breed through that state body;
  • Sport. Individuals have made significant contributions to the breed through sports in which Beagles may participate. These sports may include Obedience; Tracking; Agility; Drag Hunting; Lure Coursing or other canine sports. In active participation and/or organizing of sports for Beagles, the individual supports the development of the breed, maintains the physical and mental health of individual Beagles, and aids in promoting the Beagle as an active and enjoyable breed.
  • Work. The Beagle is currently one of the most worked breeds. Beagles are used for tasks such as quarantine service; termite detection; the location of rare animals; therapy and service dogs; drug detection; the detection of seizures in people suffering from epilepsy; and in the film, TV, or advertising industries. Many individuals in Australia have provided significant contributions towards Beagles in the workforce and should be recognized for doing so.