Beagles at Work

Beagles are one of today’s most worked breeds, carrying out a range of functions relating to security, health, industry and entertainment. Currently, Beagles can be found in roles including:

  • Quarantine detection
  • Drug detection
  • Termite detection
  • Locating rare and endangered animals
  • Detecting imminent seizures in people who suffer from epilepsy
  • Health work including therapy dogs in schools and hospitals
  • Media and entertainment (everyone has seen a movie, TV show or advertisement with a Beagle in it)
  • Beagles are now also being used to support the early detection of cancers and are even being trained to identify the specific type of cancer
An AQIS detection beagle at work

Unfortunately, due to their sound physical condition and gentle temperament, they are also one of the breeds most used in laboratory testing, with thousands of Beagles each year being used to test a wide range of products around the world, including within Australia.