Rescue and Rehoming

Getting a new beagle puppy is exciting and there is no denying the cuteness of a beagle puppy. However, there are significant challenges with puppies that often make it very difficult for homes to take on a puppy.

An alternative to a beagle puppy is getting an older beagle from a rescue or rehoming service.

  • You know what you are getting. You can see the size, colour and look of your beagle. Puppies will change significantly over time. An adult beagle will stay the same over time. Also, you know that behaviour and habits the beagle has, rather than having to find out what the puppy will grow into;
  • No puppy challenges such as weaning, toilet training, chewing or sharp puppy teeth;
  • Your beagle may already be toilet trained and have some basic training in place. At least, the older beagle will have the maturity to be trained more quickly than is often the case with puppies.

Most states in Australia will have a rehoming or rescue service specifically focusing on beagles. Contact your state beagle club for more details.