What to Ask

Getting a new dog or any pet is something that needs to be considered very carefully. At a time of excitement and happiness, emotions often get in the way of making the right decision. It is important to have a clear approach to getting a new beagle.

Here are a few things to ask the breeder of your new beagle so you can make sure the puppy you are going to have for perhaps fifteen or more years is what you are after and will suit you and your home.

About responsible breeders

It is not acceptable for a breeder to simply say to you “I don’t have that disease in my lines”. Many genetic diseases do not appear until months or sometimes years after the puppy leaves the breeder. The breeder may not be aware that the disease is in their lines. The only certain method for determining if a genetic disease is within a beagle is to undertake a DNA test.

Responsible breeders will test each beagle before they use a beagle in a breeding program. The test is painless and relatively inexpensive. The tests will identify if the beagle is affected, a carrier or clear of each disease tested.

Once the genetic makeup of the beagle is determined, a responsible breeder will be selective in which beagles they use in their mating program to ensure the offspring do not have the potential of being affected by the disease. Responsible breeders will be able to eradicate genetic diseases from their program and maximize the capacity for the puppies they produce to be healthy and disease free.

What health testing do you do?

Could I see the mother and father of the puppies?

Are the parents pedigree?

Will the puppy come with pedigree papers?

Will the puppy have parentage papers?

What do I need to feed the puppy?

Will the puppy have any training done before I pick the puppy up?